About Me



A freelance web developer & web host system admin; a programmer specializing in web & mobile applications; a graphic & motion graphic designer; a 2D & 3D animator; a videographer; a video production & editing expert; an aspiring entrepreneur & small business owner; a deep-thinking philosopher.

---Currently, mainly focused on all things web development related - from site design, customization, functionality, performance optimization, and SEO, to server configuration optimization and general administration.


Hello. Welcome to my website. This is a testing & development website that I use for practicing new web development skills. This site in particular is a recent project of mine with the end goal of being able to find and implement a streamlined method for creating very fast and functional websites.

Not only am I working on the minification and efficiency of website infrastructure, which will result in better website performance, but I am also working on mastering the most powerful tools, in my opinion, when it comes to web development. These include (in no specfic order):

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Linux - specifically CentOS
  • Apache
These are all very important tools in my opinion when it comes to web development and hosting. I guess I didn't mention above, but I am not only focused on web development but also web hosting and system administration/development operations.

Some people want to be a "front end developer". Some want to be a "back end developer". And some want to be a "full stack developer". That's about all you will see or hear about in the general coding and programming world. The reality is that while those are all useful and important skillsets, I am focused on the bigger picture - everything!

As crazy as that might sound, I want to not only devlop quality websites that are designed well and user friendly on the front end, but I also want to master the hidden wiring in the back end that makes the sites or applications work. Without a functional backend, a website would not be very interactive and would act more as a piece of "art" or something similar than it would a responsive application that allows for communication, financial transactions, and personalized account functions. So there we have it - I want to at least be a full stack developer- but thats just the beginning.

I also want to be able to have a solid skillset and understanding of how to be a system administrator/web master/development operations specialist. Understanding the hosting side of things is a whole 'nother world. If you thought front end or backend development were tough - then you might as well give up now. Becoming a master when it comes to understanding web hosting in general (server set up, virtual servers & hosts, server operating systems, terminal commands, optimization of your server, etc.), site security, DNS, and so much more is far more difficult. There is a reason its called "the web". Because the Internet is literally just like a giant messy spider web of information, data, and communication.

If I had to simplify this entire article about me and what I want to do, into just one word, it would be "LAMP". Nuff said- right? Well... I guess that really depends on what YOU know. If you know what LAMP means, then you understand me. If you don't know, then I'll break it down for you real quickly and simply. I'll create another article later on after I set up my blog.

Anyways - L.A.M.P. :

  • LINUX; the best operating system for any web hosting server.

  • APACHE; the best web hosting software for any web hosting server (I eventually want to use NGINX in front of Apache as well to create a reverse proxy for CDN [content delivery network] & caching abilities).

  • MySQL/MariaDB; the database that holds all of the information a website may need. MariaDB is the open-source and most well-mainttained version of MySQL, the most popular database system for web servers.

  • PHP; one of the most diverse and powerful computer programming languages that can be used in many different ways on the web as well as offline. PHP is basically dynamic HTML that allows the interactivity between the front end of a website and the back end of a website, as well as the web server and database. PHP is truly an incredible language.

Well, that's the gist of it and all I have the energy to explain about me and my goals for now. Obviously CSS & Javascript are very important as well. But hey - its tough to master all of this stuff in one day. You gotta take it one step at a time, stay focused, and stay consistent!

Being a web developer & web host system admin

is not just a hobby;

It's not just a job;

It's not even a career...

It's a lifestyle. "

- Grant R Fraser, 2020